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New Pharmacy/Business

IMPORTANT NOTE - Registering for participation in 6CPA Programmes

You will be required to upload the "6CPA Programme Registration Form" document in order to complete your registration. This document enables you to nominate for programmes and include the information that will be required by the 6CPA Programme Team to confirm your programme participation (e.g. for RMMR and QUM Programmes, the document includes provision to record the Aged Care Facilities associated with your pharmacy/business).

A link to the "6CPA Programme Registration Form" document is available on the 6CPA webite at www.6cpa.com.au

Therefore, we recommend that you open this document, complete it and save on your computer before you begin the registration process.

If you're registering as a new pharmacy/business you'll need:

  • Your pharmacy/business's bank account number
  • Contact details for key people in your pharmacy/business
  • Your pharmacy/business's ABN number
  • Your completed 6CPA Programme Registration Form

New 6CPA Programme Claim

You will need to attach the relevant 6CPA Programme Claim Item Template to your claim.

We suggest that you complete the relevant claim item template for your claim and save it on your computer BEFORE you start the new claim process.

The claim item templates are available at www.6cpa.com.au


For support with 5CPA or 6CPA registration or claims please call the 6CPA Support Team on 1300 555 262 or email support@6cpa.com.au

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